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Welcome to my blog Systemic Consensus Principle. The SCP is a new decision making process for teams, which allows them to decide smarter, quicker and conflict solving. By overcoming the weaknesses of classical majority decisions Systemic Consensing is an approach which even in spite of conflicting interests leads to sustainable and brightly accepted decisions. The method is easy to understand and simple to use.

The Systemic Consensus Principle was developed under the name SK-Prinzip by Erich Visotschnig, Siegfried Schrotta and Georg Paulus. More information (in German language) you can find here:
and here:

An English introduction is available at 

At the Scrum Gathering October 2012 at Barcelona I had a presentation at this topic. Since many people were very interested in this decision making process and want to learn more about it I decided to start this English blog.

I am looking forward to your comments and contributions and hope you'll enjoy this blog!


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